Honey, They Shrunk the Drinks

The night couldn’t have been more perfect. Chilling with friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant, savoring an appetizer, waiting for the main course….until the drinks came. The strawberry margaritas were different. Bland-looking. Small. Blaaaah. I stared at mine for a few seconds before I took a sip, disappointed at the boring display with no sugared … More Honey, They Shrunk the Drinks

Good to Be Back

Today I picked up my laptop for the first time in 6 months. It was the break I needed in order to recharge and refresh my brain, having been devoid of even the most minute amount of inspiration. Writing is a bitch it turns out. As much as I wanted to continue blogging, the thoughts … More Good to Be Back

Throwing it Back

Every now and then, a thought, conversation or event will pop into my mind at the most unexpected time. I guess it’s not so uncommon really. Anything can trigger a trip down memory lane. The mere presence of snow will make me reminisce about the story my dad used to tell us about his Volkswagen … More Throwing it Back