The urge to escape our daily routine is never so apparent as when spring is upon us and summer beckons, appealing to our sense of wanderlust. To me, escape means a lot more than hopping on a plane and hightailing it to a dream destination..although Bora Bora is not a bad place to land in! … More Wanderlust

A Life of Privilege

The College admissions scandal which has rocked the news in recent weeks is certainly an indication that class entitlement has reared its ugly head yet again. Indictments have been announced this week, resulting in tarnished reputations and shattered hopes, all because of an elaborate scheme created by a mastermind con man to give wealthy families … More A Life of Privilege

An Inconvenient Truth

Last week, I received the best reply ever to the question: “How are you?” “Miraculous!” – as was expressed to me by the clerk behind the deli counter – of all places and from all people?! I am a regular there, a once-a-week, drop-by to pick up lunch, but the informality of the response was … More An Inconvenient Truth

The Bitch Syndrome

We all know at least one person we would qualify as a “bitch”. The type is unmistakeable: uptight, unkind, fake, aggressive, and totally lacking in social courtesy. It’s not just a personality trait. You can “act” like a bitch without actually being one, but I digress. I am only bringing this up because it seems … More The Bitch Syndrome