How to Look Annoyed Without Really Trying

Odds are if you’re a woman and you are not smiling, you’ve been diagnosed with a commonly-known condition called “Resting Bitch Face”. To be quite honest, I didn’t know what that expression meant until I saw for myself when being introduced to other women either professionally or socially. They didn’t appear happy or friendly, but … More How to Look Annoyed Without Really Trying

A Thank-You Note

Ever think back on your past and distinctly remember those moments that stood out for you either in a positive or negative way? I can be stuck in traffic on any given day and something will trigger a random memory, or my mind will drift off to a meaningful conversation I once had that is … More A Thank-You Note

The Eighth Glass

At the start of every Christmas Day meal, my father would pop the cork of a Martini Asti Spumante – the bubbly, sweeter counterpart of Champagne or Prosecco – and fill each flute with infinite care. He hated wastage. It was a pet peeve of his. We would then raise a toast as a great … More The Eighth Glass

The Santa Effect

I’ve always loved this time of year. Twinkly lights. Festive decorations. The smell of fresh pine in the living room graced by the majestic presence of its newest addition, and a beauty to behold: The Tree. However, Christmas is not what it used to be….for me, anyway. When my girls were younger, like any kid … More The Santa Effect

My Anti-Bucket List

Thank-you, Morgan Freeman. You are the only reason why I was compelled to watch “The Bucket List” the other night. It was long overdue since the movie was released back in 2007. I happened to find it by accident while flipping through channels and I was suddenly ready to be enthralled by THE VOICE – … More My Anti-Bucket List

The Art of the Bullsh*t

We all know that person who is chronically late or complains about anything and everything under the sun but doesn’t do anything about it, or is always “so busy” that they never have time to grab dinner with you. Sound familiar? Is this you? At any rate, whether we recognize it in ourselves or others, … More The Art of the Bullsh*t

Dear Advertisers, Women Don’t Need Your Help

Dear advertisers, Your demeaning and condescending portrayal of women in media is, quite frankly, getting old. And don’t think that using words like “empowerment” or “inspiration” will make us drop everything to buy that body spray presumably to improve our self-worth. Incidentally, why do you assume women don’t love themselves enough? I wear make-up because … More Dear Advertisers, Women Don’t Need Your Help