The Unsociables

Welcome to the Unsocial Network, a lifelong retreat where we pride ourselves on instilling minimal human interaction and illiteracy. Step right up so you can get a better view, folks. Up ahead is the Internet Cafe where we kindly ask that you respect the following guidelines: Head down staring into a laptop or phone screen. … More The Unsociables

Loving Bobby

My earliest memory of Bobby was when he would greet me at the bus stop after school every afternoon. By “greet” I mean, sprinting across the street as soon as he would see the yellow school bus make its way up, and barking incessantly, oblivious to honking cars. As soon as the bus came to … More Loving Bobby

The Indelible Legacy of Anthony Bourdain

Perhaps no one has impacted the culinary world in the unique way that Anthony Bourdain had achieved in his lifetime. Certainly many chefs have made their mark but his is one of unabashed, unfiltered, perceptive storytelling that transcended and defied high-brow haute cuisine, not to mention the tv celebrity chef culture he so disdained. Bourdain … More The Indelible Legacy of Anthony Bourdain

Poem for Humboldt

Blades gleaming Sticks poised Arena boisterous, down to a hush Youth Hopeful. Determined. Happy. Quiet Gone Memories everlasting Jerseys of yesterday embodied in mind Hearts beating to the rhythm of applause Skates fiercely embedding the icy slate with boyish exuberance. Warmth Talent Sheer guts Broncos forever rearing their heads. Go forth, proud warriors Heaven has … More Poem for Humboldt

Buh-bye 2017

Another year has gone by seemingly all too quickly, and quite a year it has been. The world has seen its share of atrocities and heartache: mass shootings and other violence, Mother Nature wreaking havoc in the form of horrendous storms, hurricanes and floodings, declarations and discoveries of sexual misconduct which thankfully, have spawned the … More Buh-bye 2017

Me Too

When news broke out about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, I was appalled by the sheer enormity of the transgressions and sexual misconducts that had spanned decades. It almost didn’t seem possible that it had been going on “secretly” for so long. Like a tidal wave born of indignation, the victims came forward one by one, … More Me Too

My top 20 songs, or songs I never get tired of hearing

If I were to describe my musical tastes in one word, it would be: eclectic. Pop, rock, classical, alternative, rap….doesn’t matter…if it “grabs” me, I am hooked! I can listen to Sinatra in the car one minute and then drive up the jam with Drake the next. To me, it’s all about the melody or … More My top 20 songs, or songs I never get tired of hearing