Hang On – Advice for my Daughters

Hang onto that feeling of awe when witnessing a beautiful sunset.

Hang onto that lingering sense of satisfaction when finishing a good book.

Hang onto that belly-busting happiness when laughing uncontrollably at someone’s joke.

Hang onto the butterflies-in-your-stomach excitement when a friend or someone you love checks in on you unexpectedly “just because”.

Hang onto your curiosity and sense of adventure when learning or trying something new.

Hang onto the inner strength you didn’t know you had when hearing the news of a loved one’s illness.

Hang onto your unwavering determination when ending a friendship that has gone wrong.

Hang onto your self-esteem when you are criticized, demeaned or unfairly judged.

Hang onto your pride when you are showered with sincere praise or compliments.

Hang onto your sense of humor when the world is going inexplicably crazy and scary.

Hang onto that part of you that is regularly startled and humbled by joy.

HANG ONTO YOU, unapologetically…unequivocally…uniquely….YOU, because that is what makes YOU special.

Just hang on.

9 thoughts on “Hang On – Advice for my Daughters

  1. Great advice from a great mom. Love every statement. Your daughters can pass this advice on to their daughters & sons one day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Liked by 1 person

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