Honey, They Shrunk the Drinks

The night couldn’t have been more perfect.

Chilling with friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant, savoring an appetizer, waiting for the main course….until the drinks came.

The strawberry margaritas were different. Bland-looking. Small. Blaaaah.

I stared at mine for a few seconds before I took a sip, disappointed at the boring display with no sugared rim and the dreaded paper straw. I was looking forward to the gargantuan cocktail they used to serve which was literally as big as a soup bowl and was so delicious that it was a perfect accompaniment to a plate of cheesy nachos.

Instead we got screwed. Same price for a dreary less.

Which got me thinking about that cereal I bought last week….or that chocolate bar…..or that box of detergent. Packaging didn’t change or maybe slightly but something didn’t seem right. Then I realized it was the weight… few ounces less here, a few grams less there but no reduction in cost!

Turns out this is not a figment of my imagination. There is a thing called shrinkflation. As the term implies, consumers get less product for the same price! It’s sneaky way of factoring in an increase without actually doing so. The audacity! There may be a whole economical reasoning for companies to justify this but did they really think consumers would be too stupid to notice??

How do we fight this?? I guess paying attention to weight and comparing to competitors’ products could be an option but if they all follow suit it’s a futile battle. On the other hand, maybe it’s high time that we start eating healthier foods like fruits and vegetables instead of packaged goods, which only solves half the problem: what about soaps, detergent, cleaning supplies? Alternative options are scarce.

So “less is not more” in this case. And I want my margarita back. (Pictured below, before the downsizing.)

4 thoughts on “Honey, They Shrunk the Drinks

      1. It’s bad enough I have to buy 2 cans of something for a recipe that calls for 16 ounces because the damn things only hold 14 now…. but cutting back on the tequila? Shit just got real.

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